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Regardless of what your favorite sport or activity is, you can reap great rewards if you bring cross training into your regimen. Cross training is simply mixing up different activities on different days or incorporating several different training methods into each workout. Either way, it can have terrific benefits. More →

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The focus of the “boot camp” workouts is to perform a fitness routine that benefits the entire body – both heart and muscles – by sequentially practicing one exercise after the other without resting in-between. These workouts are incredibly effective because they work many muscles groups simultaneously, which in turn elevates the heart rate and burns more calories and fat. More →

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For women with babies or small kids, finding time to exercise can be challenging. With the sleep-deprivation factor, minimal personal time, and the priority changes that babies and small children bring – are there any fitness options for busy moms? Actually it”s possible to solve this problem by the short mini-circuit which is the perfect daily routine to help you burn a few extra calories and tighten up some common problem areas (i.e. the hips, thighs, buns, upper body and abdomen). More →

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Correlation of physical activity and health of the heart

Your heart, like any other muscle in your body, gets stronger with regular exercise. The right kind of exercise increases cardiovascular fitness by improving blood circulation throughout your body. A strong heart does not have to work as hard to circulate the blood through the body because it can pump more efficiently with each beat. More →

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If you want to achieve some goals exercise must become one of those things that you do without question, like bathing and brushing your teeth. How often, how long and how hard you exercise, and what kinds of exercises you do should be determined by what you are trying to accomplish. Your goals, your present fitness level, age, health, skills, interest and convenience are among the factors you should consider. Your exercise program should include something from each of the four basic fitness components. More →

Using a Pilates Ball to Improve Your Fitness

Pilates is an exercise program that helps to strengthen and get a person more flexible in sophisticated but easy to do movements. Pilates typically does not require the use of weights or sophisticated gym equipment. That is what makes it so popular with many people. More →

Comments to the Negative Calorie Diet

The research found that some foods require more energy consumption (ie calorie burning) by the human digestive system than the foods themselves actually contain. The critics argue that no foods meet such a criteria. More →

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Negative thinking doesn”t do you any good, it just holds you back from accomplishing the things you want to do. The behavioral skills you need to stick with throughout the weight-loss process. More →

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