Finding The Best Health Insurance Online

Finding The Best Health Insurance Online

When it comes to healthcare insurance for overweight people, you ought to pay according to your weight in such cases. More the weight, more the premium. With the insurance companies, it is all about the built. It is also to be kept in mind, that being overweight, also opens the flood gates, for several other diseases such as diabetics and high blood pressure. These diseases tend to pose risk, to your health. Thus, this happens to be the very reason, for the insuring companies, charging the overweight individuals, with higher monthly premium. The health insurance companies use tables to calculate the monthly premiums, in such cases. Besides, they also take into consideration, the fact, the danger, that the disease is going to pose to the life of the individual. These diseases such as overweight and high blood pressure fall under the bracket of health insurance pre existing conditions. It is also believed, that the premiums to be paid for such policies, are higher, compared to the other health insurances. This is because the risk to be shouldered by the insurance companies in such cases is generally higher. Recent surveys show that almost2, 80,000 people die in the US, because of problems, related to overweight or obesity.

An ideal health insurance is the one where the individual is going to live long and healthy. However with age and passage of time, people generally tend to fall sick. It is in such cases, that an affordable health insurance plays an important role. It is also a general premonition that individuals suffering from issues related to excessive body weight also fall a victim to diabetics. Thus, the overall monthly expenditure of the medical bills genuinely increases. The insurance companies would customize medical insurance plans for such individuals, considering the aforesaid statements. However, a switch from a rampant lifestyle to a moderate one can generally help individuals, to keep things under control. Incorporating regular exercises and a healthy diet, does a world of good, in such cases. Experts say, that individuals can also be denied life insurance, if they are highly over weight. This should act as an alarm, to such individuals, that there is some serious danger to their life. However, these individuals need not be disheartened. There is a policy customized for such individuals, which has been named as graded death benefit policy. Under this policy, you to tend to receive benefits, depending on your life span. The longer you live, better the benefits. The healthcare on the exchange makes sure, that nobody goes back home, disappointed and without getting insured. In short, this has been done, keeping in mind the fact that the life of every individual is precious and needs equal care and concern.

The health insurance for overweight policies are made, considering a few other factors such as the height and weight of the body. The height of the individual should be in proportion, to the weight. If the person concerned, fails to fulfill the criteria, then he or she is termed as overweight. These companies also provide you with coverage for several other health conditions such as cancer health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

    I need AFFORDABLE medical insurance. I do not qualify for medicaid and just lost my primary health insurance?
    I need to go to a Dr. but I am scared that I am going to end up owing thousands of dollars for a few regualar Dr''s visit. I have tried to find some affordable health insurance online, but most of them are very pricy and out of my budget. I am young and healthy, don''t drink or smoke. I hope to find a decent health insurance plan that I can actually afford. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      There ARE short term plans that cover Dr. visits. my short term plan covers everything but maternity, and has unlimited rewrites, so I am not only limited to 6 months of coverage. It also came with a discount card on dental, vision and Rx. I shopped around for a good short term plan and have been on the Secure STM for a few years now. I don''t pay co pays and have never had a problem with them. My plan runs me around 110 a month. You can apply online at or calling 800.647.4589

    Where can I get family health insurance in Alabama?
    I will be quitting my job soon to be a stay at home mom, thus losing my medical insurance. My husband''s insurance through his company is very expensive due to it being so small (only 20 or so people in the company). I will need to find a health insurance plan for my family, but am having a hard time finding any plans that have good coverage and don''t have a large premium amount. Does anyone know of a good health insurance company I should look at? Please keep in mind I live in Alabama....a lot of the insurance companies online only apply to certain states. Thanks a bunch.

    • ANSWER:
      I can''t imagine it''s going to be cheaper on your own.

      You need to go to a local, independent agent, and ask for quotes. They''ll have the ones with providers in your area.

      If you have no preexisting conditions, and you''re around 30, it''s GOING to cost YOU, 0 a month, your HUSBAND 0 a month, and the KIDS, 0 a month EACH. Is that cheaper than your husband''s plan?

      If you have preexisting conditions, they will be excluded, OR, you might flat out be declined.

      that''s JUST what health insurance costs. Or, you sacrifice coverage, OR, you take a ,000 deductible before the insurance kids in, OR, you sign up for a health discount plan where no one takes the plans, OR you get scammed from over the internet.

      You CAN''T buy a brand new cadillac for , you CAN''T get family health insurance with comprehensive coverage for 0 a month, except through an employer.

    What type of health insurance should I get if I am self employed?
    Hello I am a healthy female in my early thirties and a non smoker. I need to find decent health insurance that you would get from a good employer. I am new to this and dont understand what I need to have covered for health insurance. I am looking for some good advice and any suggestions. Thank You
    P.S- Is it usual that health insurance does not cover maternity?

    • ANSWER:
      Since the health reform act, insurance companies have pretty much stopped selling maternity coverage. When you CAN buy it, it''s about 0 a month extra, and most of the time you have to purchase it a full year becoming pregnant, for it to cover. So yes, it''s normal for maternity to NOT be covered, under an individual policy.

      You''re not going to get the same kind of coverage that you would through an employer. On an individual policy, they can exclude coverage for stuff already wrong. If you ARE currently pregnant, you''re uninsurable on an individual plan until after the baby is born (just sayin'', because 95% of the women who mention interest in maternity coverage here, are ALREADY pregnant).

      For good advice that''s valid in YOUR area, you should talk to a local agent near you. They''ll know what state you are in, and which deals are best - and they can help you balance coverage and cost to find what you can afford, and they''ll EXPLAIN how it all works. You won''t get that from an online website.

    Where can I get a free health insurance online quote?
    Hi Everyone- This is my first time on Yahoo Answers! I''m looking for a place where I can get an online free health insurance quote. I''m always skeptical everything out there is a scam. Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      There are many places to get an on-line quote. Here is another: and I''m sure if you do an internet search you''ll find many more.

      You can get an idea of costs on-line, but there are hundreds of plans available and how do you know if you''ve choosen the best one for your situation? It''ll take you several days to intelligently compare all the plans available. Also, if you have any pre-existing conditions that might add a rider to the policy, cause you to be declined, or if you are out of the height and weight guidelines you won''t know until you''ve applied and gone through the underwriting process which is a big waste of time. You should contact a local independent agent who can work with you to find the best policy and will weed out the plans that won''t accept you because of any health condition or will not cover you to your expectations. The plans and premiums are no different using an agent.

    I need to find a new health insurance for a family of four?
    I need to find a new health insurance for my family of four. One with a low premium and (preferably ) without a deductible. We are in Michigan and everything I look @ is so high. But I need one fast my daughters meds are 0.00 a month. I have been doing the online quotes and my phone will not quit ringing with agents wanting 0- 0. a month and we can not afford that.

    • ANSWER:
      The most important question right now in the economic meltdown is whether and how insurance provider is able to meet both current and future obligations. Hold off payment until you see compelling evidence of both. Look for U.S. equivalents to insurance consumer advocacy outfits listed here and see what information they have for you.

finding the best health insurance online