How to Start Backing Up Your Files

How to Start Backing Up Your Files

Has your computer recently crashed and you lost most, if not all of your files? Chances are, you want to prevent this from happening again, so you are looking for an easy way to back up your files. One way to keep your files safe and secure is to check out this backup program by Pareto Logic: All your stresses will be eliminated the instant you download this program to your new computer. But before you head over to this website to back up your files, you should know what your computer needs to run this program.

Quick and Easy Process

When you decide you want to back up your files to a cloud platform, you will find that the process is quick and painless. Anyone can go through the program setup and start backing up their files. You no longer need to carry around multiple USBs to save all your documents. USBs and CDs are the old way of backing up your files. The new way is to download Pareto Logic’s backup program. Once you are all set up, you’ll never have to worry about losing your files ever again.

You Can Recover Your Personal Files Anywhere in the World

Isn’t it amazing what technology has advanced to? If your computer crashes while you are halfway around the world, you can simply pick up a new computer and log in to your online cloud platform to view all your files. The program will have every file you created or moved to your computer right up until your computer crashed. So you will never miss a beat when you are traveling for work, selling your products or services to new clients. One great benefit to backing your files up on a cloud platform is that your files are protected by data encryption measures so no one will ever be able to read or decipher what you wrote. No one will have access to your files except you.

What Type of Computer Do You Need?

Before you install this program on your computer, you need to make sure your PC can handle it. The program requires you to have Windows XP, 7, Vista, Server 2003, 1GHz Intel, 512 MB Ram, and the latest web browsers. To view the full list of system requirements, you can visit Pareto Logic’s website before installing the program on your computer to back up your files.