Is Your Skin Older Than You Are ?

Is Your Skin Older Than You Are ?

Your skin can make you look old, so it''s important to care for it in the correct manner.

Take the test below to assess how effective your ''care'' regimen has been !

1. After washing with soap and water, your skin feels:
a. a size too small
b. smooth, or slightly dry
c. smooth and supple, maybe a little oily
d. dry and scaly

2.The lines on your forehead are:
a. light vertical lines, plus a few horizontal lines
b. faint vertical lines between the brows
c. deep horizontal and vertical lines
d. a few horizontal and vertical lines

3.Your under-eye skin:
a. has some tiny crepe paper like lines
b. is smooth and unlined
c. is thin and wrinkled, with lines extending into cheeks
d. is grayish; there''s a deep crease in the eye-socket

4. When you apply lipstick, it:
a. feathers into the tiny lines above the upper lip
b. bleeds into the tiny lines above & below the lips
c. goes on smoothly, and stays within the lip line
d. looks a little too dry; you need to reapply often

5. You go sunbathing:
a. as often as possible, since childhood
b. only when on holiday
c. occasionally, but never without a sunscreen
d. never

Try the 2 tests below, and then answer the questions

6. Pinch and release the skin in the under-eye area. Does it:
a. take a second or two to bounce back
b. snaps right back
c. sags
d. slowly returns to place

7. Hang your head back over the side of the bed and: examine, in the mirror, how your skin behaves:
a. the skin around the cheeks and jaw-line slides away from your face towards the eyes
b. you can pinch the skin at your jaw-line by over an inch
c. the skin around cheeks, eyes and jaws is slightly loose
d. skin is firm with little movement

Total your points from the points table given below:
1. a=3,b=2.c=1,d=4
2. a=2,b=1,c=4,d=3
3. a=2,b=1,c=4,d=3
4. a=3,b=4,c=1,d=2

5. a=4,b=3,c=2,d=1
6. a=2,b=1,c=4,d=3
7. a=4,b=3,c=2,d=1

If your score totaled:
07-12 your skin''s age is 21-30 years
13-18 " " " 31-40 years
19-23 " " " 41-50 years
24-28 " " " over 50 years

Now that you know how "old" your skin is, it''s time to take action. Whether your skin is older, or younger, than your chronological age, the good news is that there are ways to keep it looking its best throughout your lifetime.

And if you are lucky enough to have skin that feels and behaves younger than your actual age, you can make sure it remains that way !

Do the following every day to look youthful and vibrant always, no matter what your age !

* get your own hormone system working naturally

* take supplements as recommended by your doctor

* take time off to have fun

* drink a lot of water (and then a little more)

* add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your regular diet

* walk wherever possible instead of driving

* keep your skin scrupulously clean

* take time out for a laugh

* use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors

* sleep 7/8 hours, if at all possible

* give yourself a daily pressure-point facial massage

Keep you system clean, your metabolic rate up, your attitude positive and the hormones flowing. There, you have it.... part of the formula to look young again forever.

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