You Dont Have Feel Ugly Because Of Acne Any More

You Dont Have Feel Ugly Because Of Acne Any More

Beauty is emphasized in our culture today more than ever before. It is extremely important to look good. Consequently, young people are fixated on their appearance.

You may think that you look ugly because of your acne, when you compare yourself with others. This increases your feeling of self consciousness about your appearance.

When you are at school, or work, or in a social situation, the first thing seen by others is your face. If it is full of blotches and pimples, you can feel extreme embarrassment.

In a social setting, some adolescents can be unkind in the extreme, about your appearance. They can make cruel and ridiculing comments about how you look.

There is pressure on young people to feel accepted in their social circles……to feel like they fit in. Physical attractiveness is a key factor in your acceptance in social circles. Therefore, you have probably tried every acne remedy you knew about, to improve the way you look.

A new method that prevents the breakout of acne has been found. You probably are not aware of it. Before telling you about, there are some prevalent myths about acne that I want to clear up. You do not have acne because you eat alot of chocolate or food that is greasy. Nor is it caused by poor hygiene.

The zits, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads come about when the pores of your skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

In order to keep your skin moisturized and not too dry, your body secretes oil. Unfortunately for most young people, their bodies produce too much oil. This creates the condition for acne breakouts in 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 25.

There is a reason why you get acne on your face. There are more oil glands on your face than any other part of your body. There is an area of your face known as the T-Zone. If you can imagine a line from your nose to you chin and another line across your forehead, that would be your T-Zone. Oil glands are concentrated in your T-Zone.

Unfortunately, the collective wisdom in society says that it is normal for adolescents and young adults to have acne. This is as untrue as the collective wisdom in society 500 years ago, that said that the earth was flat. Acne is not normal. You dont have to have acne.

The reason you have acne can be found internally…..inside your body. There are imbalances in your body. This causes the acne. You dont see the imbalances. What you see are the pimples and blackheads, which are the external symptoms of what is wrong inside your body.

It is fortunate that someone has found a way to correct these internal imbalances. When you rebalance your system, you will be free of acne forever.

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