Free Support

Free Support

Without your Health, You have nothing!

Attention: Disgruntled Bulge Battlers and Wellness Warriors who have tried everything

Failed before? Get 80% more success with group support

You may or may not already know but, it is the case that you will have 80% greater results losing weight and getting healthy in a group situation with a knowledgeable group leader than by any other method alone, you can prove it to yourself over the next 30 days for free

Are you tired of paying for programs that don’t work?

Well check out Sarva, in fact the program has been set up to try for the next 30 days for free and here’s why…

Why are you able to participate in this program for free, it’s simple…

When you get the benefits that come from having between 80-200% rate of effectiveness

When you get to experience directly the kind of person and personality of your coach

When you get to have the opportunity to bond with your fellow weight loss winners (you will feel the inspiration) see the success and want to stick around

Go beyond the 30 days, and sure, you are going to see tremendous weight loss, health benefits and are certainly going to see tremendous maintenance

Most people will want to go further, deeper, release more of their weight and hold onto those new levels of wellness longer and longer

Think about it, it’s like when a pet store owner sees an eager child ready for the opportunity to take on some responsibility and really wants a puppy. So, the pet store owner says, “why don’t you take the puppy home, try it out, verify that it is potty trained, make sure it doesn’t bark excessively, and won’t torment your cat”.

The reason this strategy works so well for the pet store owner is the bonding is going to begin and the reason it works so well for the new pet owner is the bonding has begun

And once you are in your weight loss winners group, the bonding is going to begin for you as well

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Additionally the results, which are going to show you and others, are going to amaze you before you are half way through, as friends and family members ask, even before all the weight has shed, “What is different about you?”

They will notice that you have lost weight

Now what is most important for those who have said that very thing to you before, is they will NOT say it again, they won’t see you yo-yo back, back on the vicious diet cycle

And really who would want to be on the diet cycle. Diet is simply “DIE” with a T.

(This is not a starvation plan, not about a pill, potion or lotion)

This is about emotion.

And after all isn’t that what we are really doing most of the time

We are emotionally eating so it’s through emotional connection we are able to break and close the vicious cycle

You’re invited right now to take the Sarva Health and Wellness 30 day Challenge

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In your Sarva group you will receive the Tools and the Talks that will allow you to have healthy living and weight loss today

The Tools that you will access are outstanding!

(You will find them to be practical, effective and ones that you can really incorporate into your everyday life and daily routine)

That means you ARE NOT going to have to go to the gym 6 hours a day, eat predigested, warmed by your hands, unrecognizable foods you could never get at a restaurant.

You are going to eat what you like, and do it sensibly and automatically because of the power of association and connection

Did you know that weight not only weighs you down physically but, it weighs you down emotionally?

So when you jump into the program full speed and play full out for 30 days you are going to notice that your stress dissipates

In fact the stress loss will anticipate the weight loss, a surprising additional benefit of your Sarva Health and Wellness

30 day challenge is the peace and serenity you are going to feel

You will enjoy life more, and live it with less weight and more health.

It’s a simple relationship; stress in your body activates chemicals that cause your body to worry.

Naturally stress makes you “distressed”

When you are distressed your body says bad things are coming, we better save these calories, we better convert these calories to fat and store them right in the hips, gut, thighs and right in those chicken arms.

The funny part is the vast majority of things we worry about never come and those that do were probably out of our control

Won’t you be in a better position to handle what ever does come your way in a physically profound positive state?

Of course to aid this emotional support we are going to add a nutritional support system

You are going to have access to an amazing Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach, but that isn’t the key by half, the key is you are going to be in a supportive community of fellow health and weight loss winners

(You will be amazed that before the first session is half way over, the impact of the group sharing and the support becomes a powerful defense against weight gain and those unhealthy habits that want to creep back in at those difficult moments)

In fact one of the beautiful parts of the program is when you are having those challenges you can log back into the members’ area, listen to one of the previous sessions or pull down one of the quick healthy snack recipes and take action

All to prevent the backsliding seen in other programs where there isn’t a community, no tools and no coach

Because once and for all you have connected to your community, seen results, continued shedding the weight and love the support

For less than ONE Dinner out per month Sarva is ONLY $19.99 per month (after the 30 days free)

So go ahead and start right now while this page is still open in front of you

Don’t let another bad feeling, bad experience, negative comment, or being passed over for another important promotion or not feeling like you are connecting with your lover happen again

Do it right now while this page is still open

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You are going to feel so glad you did, the moment you log in and before the 30 days is over you are going to wonder how the time flew and pounds melted

See you on the inside,

Felicia Menjivar