What kind of meditation retreat, and how long should it be, to de-stress from an extremely intense job?

I have meditated before but I need more depth over a sustained period of time.

I''m seeing a psychologist for stress and resulting depression, and he is very supportive of a meditation retreat. He recommends 3-5 days, not the 10 day vipasanna type right now.

This would also be best located in the New York-New [...]

Do you know that the Meditation can bring the peace to the world?

Meditation is the mind training, train the mind to stop from wandering, train the mind to still, keep the mind prolong the stillness. The mind will meet the real happiness from that stillness and enjoy - enjoy - that inside happiness. The reality will be realized that the true happiness is the peacefull mind and [...]

What is the difference between Taoist meditation and Zen meditation?

Is Zen meditation and Taoist meditation the same thing? If not, can someone post a link to taoist meditation?

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What Buddhist meditation should I start out with?

I want to start Buddhist meditation. Should I start out with mindfulness meditation? What are the exact steps in doing it?

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okay, I am trying to connect more with the spiritual world and other things. Meditation is good for this as well as finding inner peace and things like that. Some things I have read told me to meditate for half an hour every day, but every time I try, I end up getting bored long [...]

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What kind of meditation retreat, and how long should it be, to de-stress from an extremely intense job?

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