Reflux Diet - Do

Reflux Diet - Do

1. Get Fatty Food Less

You do not have to give up all of your preferred food. Cooking them differently can help you fight heartburn. Try to bake, grill, boil or roast the food alternately to frying them. And less fat intake by cut the chicken and poultry skin off. Less fat, Less heartburn, And good for your overall health.

2. Less Acidic Meals

Try choosing some other fruits and veggies besides tomatoes and citrus fruits. Or if you do want to have acidic food sometimes, limit the portion of it and have something else (that is not acidic) along with it. For example, have a little tomato sauce with pasta and a little pork or veggies at the same time. Try mixing up in different portions to find your most comfortable zone.

3. What to drink

To make heartburn less frequent, try drinks without caffeine and not carbonated. Choices include natural teas, milk, and fresh water. Drinking water with meals would also dilute the acid in stomach, and making less chance of heartburn.

4. Record what you eat

Individualized your foods, the reflux diet that is good to you and some foods that trigger your heartburn symptoms may different from others. For example, you may tolerate the caffeine well but not fatty food. Recording your meals and the body response to them will make you live with acid reflux disease more easily.

5. Chewing gum

It sounds weird, yes. But there is some explanation, chewing gum after meal help stimulating saliva production. And saliva is a natural body buffer to the acid, once the stomach acid comes up, swallowing saliva can neutralize acid in esophagus and make heartburn less attack. But beware of peppermint flavor, because peppermint can cause lower esophageal sphincter relaxing.