Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor is the pinnacle device in the Suunto M-Series of heart rate monitor watches.

At A Glance

  • Easy to use; current & average heart rate with calories burned
  • Start-up fitness test to determine your fitness level
  • Daily workout suggestions and real-time guidance while you exercise

The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is just like the M4, but with a couple of added capabilities. The M5 includes a recovery time advice feature after each workout and is the only M-Series monitor that is compatible with the Suunto PODs (except for the Cadence POD). This gives it the ability to track speed and distance, in real-time. The M5 can upload workout data and download data to and from when used with a Suunto Movestick.

Suunto M5 Heart Rate monitor
Suunto M5 Heart Rate monitor

The M5 follows the easy to use M-Series design with only three buttons, a large display and nine languages. It is equipped standard with the Suunto Dual Heart Rate Belt. The Dual HR belt allows you to monitor your real-time and average heart rate as you exercise as well as how long your workout lasts and how many calories you burned, and can be used indoors or out without worry of interference from power lines or electronic equipment.

In order to get the best advice during workouts, first complete the M5 fitness test to find out your fitness level. After this, let the Suunto M5 be your personal trainer. Simply set your targets for fitness improvement, weight control, or free training and the M5 will offer you daily exercise schedules for the next 7 days. After each workout session, the M5 provides a summary of the percentage completed from the guided program, shows you progress as you complete workouts, and provides achievement summaries to help you meet your objectives.

Customer Reviews

Here''s what customers are saying about the Suunto M5 Heart Rate monitor sports watch:

...This does everything I needed; tracks HR, cals burned, time exercising... It will help you exercise by suggesting types of workouts for your goals. Watch isn''t too big for my small frame, it''s comfortable to wear. The HR band is not uncomfortable.....I forget to take it off when I''m done b/c I don''t know it''s there. Would HIGHLY recommend this to all of my friends!!!...

...I ordered the black model M5 and was very pleased with the watch except that I found the negative display ( white numbers on black background ) to be very difficult to see at dusk or in any low light conditions. It is not nearly as bright as the product photos show except at high noon sun...

...The chest strap is the most comfortable I have tried and it also links up quickly. We were hit or miss with our exercise routine, but the M5 takes the guesswork out and keeps you on track. You really need to maintain your heart rate at a training level for the correct amount of time to get a full workout, and the M5 has helped us do that...

...The product is excellent but the manuals are bad. Looks like the release of the product was not followed by the proper documentation and available information on calibration of foot POD and GPS are unavailable. I hope Suunto takes the information level to the same level of their previously released, T4 and T6...

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