In October of 2009, we were in the worst shape of our lives. We began using Advocare nutritional supplements and immediately felt a surge of sustained focused energy and felt better than ever. Fat began to melt away and by June of 2010 we have lost a combined 150 pounds of blubber. (Please see Snow’s video at AdvocarebySnow.com) The Advocare products are amazing, taste great and are safe for the entire family!

In May 2010 we found out there was a business opportunity with Advocare. We quickly realized that we have stumbled upon an incredible vehicle for a life of financial freedom and a pathway to life on our own terms. Within the first 10 week in the business we made $10,000 and laid a solid foundation for the future growth of our organization. We helped many of our family and friends have more energy, feel better, look better, lose weight and make money. We helped Snow’s Aunt Betsy earn a $6000 Rookie Bonus her first 2 weeks in the business. The exciting news is we get paid to help others...and we want to help you!

Advocare was founded in 1993 by Charlie Ragus and built on unmatched guiding principles. Advocare is committed to integrity and the highest quality products and distributors. We have phenomenal UNPAID endorsers like Advocare National Spokesperson, New Orleans Saints Superbowl MVP, Drew Brees as well as, many other professional and olympic athletes and even Christian Singer and Grammy Award winner Michael W. Smith. We are title sponsors for the Women of Faith, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Operation Home Front, a charity for Military Veterans. We are also the first Direct Sales company to sponsor a major college bowl, the Advocare Independence Bowl. This company has more credibility than we know what to do with.

Even more importantly, in a down economy, the Direct Sales model is at its strongest because many Americans are stepping up and participating in their own rescue. The good news is Advocare has the solution to Americas two biggest issues; health and finance! Everyone knows we have a Health crisis in America. The 24 Day Challenge offers a kick start a healthier more energetic lifestyle with quick, dramatic and life changing effects. We make money by sharing the best products on the market. As people take the products friends and family notice and the business grows. Many people say we are in a recession, but Advocare is growing at a phenomenal pace. Our team did over 10 million in sales in 2009 and as of the end of July 2010 we have already moved 11 million. We are expecting our team to generate 20 million in revenue this year, which means Advocare will pay out 12 million to our team. Advocare pays out 60 cents on the dollar. With a rich compensation plan we are providing Plan B income, bringing moms and dads home to there family and providing people with hope for a future of freedom. This is truly an exciting time in Advocare and our team.

Speaking of team... you will have more help than you know what to do with. We are fortunate to be on the fastest growing team in Advocare with Diamond Distributor Mike Ferro (40K per month) being one of the top 10 distributors in Advocare a phone call away. You will have access to training videos from Double Diamond and Hall of Famer Danny McDaniel and others. There are webinars, training calls, printables, promotions materials, PDFs , PowerPoints and SUCCESS SCHOOL! And by the way, the better you do, the better we do, so we are here to help!