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Bulk sms service is the best way to convey your message to your customers

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2009 in company, make, marketing, reason, tip, using

The bulk sms service is one of the hottest choice of most of the leading companies. Because of the reason that sms is the spam free communication system therefore the sms marketing strategy is adopted by most of the companies. However, the sms marketing technique is the latest advancement in the field of marketing strategy. And with the introduction of this method communicating with the customers for a company have become much easier as well as it has become less time consuming and even without disturbing the customer. The company or the sales person cannot know in what state the customer is when they are going to approach them. Therefore in such cases it is often seen that instead of convincing the customer to purchase their product or service it makes the customer with their phone calls. Often the similar thing happens in case of direct visit of the sales person to the customer without prior appointment with them. Even if you are using the email marketing strategy it is often seen that your mail land up in the customer?s junk mail folder and the message gets deleted automatically after a while. Therefore most of the companies these days are preferring to choose the Bulk sms marketing strategy, and the reason is that sms is the spam free communication system. This is however, better than the previous mentioned methods as unlike those methods the main facility is that if you send a sms there is less chance of your message getting lost. The store and forward facility helps the sms you send to store in the SMSC server and then it is forwarded to the customer?s mobile. This is helpful in the way that if the customer is not within the range or if his mobile is switched off your message won?t get lost. It would be stored and when the customer switches on his mobile or comes within the range your message would be delivered to his mobile your message would be delivered to his hand set. The SMSC server can store the message for days if necessary and then it is delivered when the situation is ripe. Moreover, the bulk sms service helps in sending the same message to a multiple number of customers at the same time. All you need to do is to type your message once and set several mobile numbers, whom you want to send your message to and your message would be delivered to the customer?s handset within seconds. In this way you can send the same message to a large number of people at the same time. This provides you a great advantage as it consumes less time and is much cheaper than other means of communication with your customers. This method is beneficial for your customers also as they need not have to spend their valuable time and can go through your message anytime they feel appropriate to do that. Even if necessary they can read the same message the second time for better understanding. On of the drawbacks of the sms marketing strategy is that you cannot be elaborate in your words while writing your message and cannot provide very minute details of your services within the same message as a sms cannot be more than 160 characters therefore you cannot convey your message in a round about way and come straight to the point. Now it is upon you how you want to send your message.

Tips to resolve "NOTICE:HTFS Out of iNodes.. " Error Message in SCO Open Server

Posted by admin on Oct 4, 2009 in application, software, technical, tip, using, windows

Inode, in HTFS (High Throughput File System), is an important metadata structure, which saves the critical information about files, directories, and file system objects. Every file stored on your hard drive contains a unique inode number. Corruption or damage in Inode primarily occurs due to various logical factors including unexpected system shutdown, operating system malfunctioning, improper use of fsck command, virus attack, and more. The data stored in the hard drive becomes inaccessible once your Inode structure gets corrupted due to any of the above reasons. To overcome such situations, an easy way is to restore data from an updated backup. However, if no backup is available, or back file itself gets corrupted, then you will need to opt for advanced SCO Data Recovery software. As a practical instance, you encounter any of the below error messages when you attempt to boot your system from SCO Open Server: “NOTICE: HTFS: Out of inodes on HTFS dev hd(1/42) WARNING: HTFS: error 28: logging disabled” Or “NOTICE:HTFS Out of inodes on HTFS dev hd (1/42)” The same error messages appear each time you attempt to boot your system. Furthermore, you encounter the same error message each time you attempt to boot your system using SCO OpenServer. Cause: Two causes for any of the above error messages are discussed below: There are no free inodes for your file system. Inode corruption. Resolution: To resolve the above error message and access the data, you will need to use “df -k” command. However, if the above command fails to resolve your issue and the data remains inaccessible, then you will need to reinstall the SCO OpenServer operating system. A clean reinstall of SCO OpenServer erases all the previously saved data on your hard drive partition or volume. In such situations, you will need to use powerful SCO Data Recovery application. Such SCO Data Recovery applications employ high-end scanning methods to recover all the lost data. These applications are built with highly graphical user-interface that makes them easy to understand without any prior technical knowledge. Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery is a non destructive SCO Data Recovery tool that performs recovery without altering even a single bit of your data. This SCO recovery software supports recovery from HTFS and EAFS file system volumes and is compatible with Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, and 98 operating systems.

Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2009 in card, tip, training, using

It appears as if I have seen a lot about complex coaching. And usually, when complicated training is brought up, Randy Couture’s circuit is also discussed.

In case you don’t know, “complex” training ( which can also be called “circuit training” ) is a technique of exercise in which you move from one exercise to the subsequent without rest. It can be done on machines, or with different implements, but the more preferred strategies involve just one weight a single barbell, a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, a sandbag, and so on.

As far as Randy’s complex, it goes like this ( medium-high reps ) :

Now Randy isn’t the sole out there who uses complexes, has had success with them, or has designed very good complex-based workouts. Martin Rooney has trained a handful of men up at Renzo Gracie’s gymnasium, strength coach Itsvan Javorek has been using complexes for a while “Renegade Training” Coach John Davies made great use with permutations of a complex he calls the “Bear,” and I have even used them in my training programs.

Complexes are superb for a range of reasons. First, they’re an exercise that you get the maximum “bang for your buck.” Using one simple methodology, you can train cardiovascular conditioning, muscled endurance and conditioning, strength and strength-endurance ( depending on how heavy you train ), as well as the unsubstantial factor of mental toughness. Besides they’re quick! A good complex workout can kick your tail and have you in & out of the gymnasium within 20-25 minutes.

There are multiple techniques you can implement complexes into your total SC program. What I really like to do ( and did in Program one of “Working Class Fitness The Programs” ) is to do some basic full-body strength work first only 2-4 compound exercises. Either then ( or at a later part in the day ), come back and do your complexes. The compound exercises will help you build your power and strength, while the complexes can be used to target muscular endurance and conditioning, as well as overall GPP ( General Physical preparedness ).

To explain Program one, I rotate a basic set / rep scheme over three exercises a higher body push, and higher body pull, and a squat / deadlift variant. I then utilized the following complicated :

Another way to implement complexes would be to setup two different workouts one with higher reps and lower ( comparatively speaking ) weight to target the previously mentioned muscly endurance and conditioning. Then setup another workout, only this time, employ heavier weight and lower reps. If feasible, even have multiple weights ( i.e. Barbells, pairs of dumbbells, and so on. ) at your disposal, so that you can tax each exercise as much as humanly possible. Alternate days of complex coaching, 3x / week, doing each 3x over 2 weeks. On the first week, you’d do your endurance complicated on Mon, strength complicated on married, endurance complicated on Fri. Then, on the second week, strength complicated on Mon, endurance complex on wed, and strength complex again on Fri.

Another choice when designing your complexes would be to go for an amalgam of strength and endurance. Utilize a heavy weight, and choose exercises that let you use heavier weights. For those exercises that you’re stronger on, just do a couple more reps. Then, with some movements that you are very strong on, do a highly explosive / tough bodyweight exercise.

For example, here’s a dumbbell ( DB ) complicated I used years back with plenty of good results :

-Chins ( weighted if need be ) x 6-8

-DB Bent Raise / Rows x six

-DB Snatch x eight ( each side )

-DB Swing x 12-15 ( each side )

*Repeat 3-6x. Rest 45-90 secs between complexes.

When utilised right, complexes can be used to do a wide variety of goals all you have got to do is use your imagination!

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play hard.

Website Design Search Engine Marketing Issues

Posted by admin on Sep 27, 2009 in list, marketing, point, share, tip, using, website

I recently had an inquiry from someone who was looking for some possible SEO consulting with me. He was in the process of a redesign and wanted to be sure not to make any mistakes along the way, which is super-smart! The time to be looking at SEO is definitely in the beginning stage of any design or redesign project.

The interesting part of the email was this person’s misconceptions about what he thought were important factors for the search engines. I’d like to share those points with you, with my comments following each one:

This is a huge misconception to many who are trying to design search-engine-friendly websites. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using Flash and no reason to avoid it altogether. What you do need to avoid is an *all-Flash* site, as well as Flash navigation. But that’s it. And even if you have those things, there are workarounds.

* All scripts should be called from external files.

This is a great idea to keep file size down and make it easy to update your pages, but it’s got nothing to do with search engines or how your pages are ranked within them. Search engines have long known how to ignore code that is of no use to them. Whether your scripts are right there in the source code of the page or called up externally will have no bearing on your rankings or search engine relevance.

* The site should be designed using CSS as extensively as possible.

Another myth. CSS doesn’t have any special properties that search engines like better than tables or any other HTML code. Again, it may make it easier for you to update your pages, or to use your content for other things, but it’s not an SEO technique that will increase rankings or relevance.

* The CSS should be called from external files.

Same as calling up scripts in external files — nice to do, but not a search engine issue in the least.

* There should be no comments in the code. It should be added to an FAQ or Doc-type file.

Why not? I’m not sure where this myth came from, but I suppose if you’re thinking that file size is going to affect your search engine rankings, you might also believe this one. It may have also come about because some people used to think that adding keyword phrases to comment tags would help search engine rankings, even though it didn’t. Comment tags have long been ignored by the engines, and because of this, you can use them as much or as little in your source code as you would like. I always comment out bits of text and code that I no longer wish to use but that I may want to add back in later. It’s absolutely, positively not a problem!

* A large percentage of the code on each page needs to change from page to page so that the search engines don’t see the pages as duplicate content.

Nope. You certainly do NOT have to change the code in your pages to avoid duplicate-content issues! Website templates have code that is exactly the same from page to page. This is good and normal and certainly fine with the search engines. One would have to think that the search engineers were really dumb if they were going to penalize pages because they used the same design template from page to page! Sure, you don’t want the same exact *content* on every page of your site, but even that is not generally a problem if it’s a few sentences here and there. (See my recent article at Danny’s Search Engine Land site on the Myth of Duplicate Content here: http://searchengineland.com/070315-100022.php .

* All picture links should have text links under the pictures.

No reason for that at all. Image links that make use of the image alt attribute (aka “alt tags”) have always been followed easily by the search engines and will always continue to be followed. They’re followed even without the alt attribute, but the words you place in there tell the search engines and the site users exactly what they’ll be getting when they follow the link. It’s essentially the same thing as the anchor text of a text link.

* DO NOT use drop-down or fly-out menus using JavaScript.

This is fairly good advice; however, there are very easy workarounds if you have to use JavaScript menus for some reason. The “noscript” tag is a perfectly legitimate place to recreate your menu for those who (like the search engines) can’t do JavaScript. I’ve been using this technique since 2000 or so when my website was designed with JavaScript menus, and it’s definitely not a problem. I just haven’t gotten around to redesigning my site with a more crawler-friendly navigation. Certainly these days, a CSS menu would be a better option.

* Must use basic HTML link navigation (textual navigation, no JavaScript mouse-over, and no image map graphical navigation).

Yes and no. JavaScript links are definitely a no-no. But there are plenty of crawler-friendly image maps, and like I mentioned previously, graphical links are A-OK with search engines.

* All pages must be VALIDATED by an HTML validator and all style sheets need to be VALIDATED through a CSS validator.

Why? This has nothing to do with search engines. It’s nice to do, though.

* The majority of the site will be static, as static pages are easier for search engines to crawl and rank properly.

‘Fraid not. Dynamic pages are just as easy to crawl and rank as static pages. Most websites today are dynamic because they’re simply easier to maintain. The search engines have figured out how to crawl and rank them just fine for many, many years now. It’s true that there are specific things you need to watch out for when creating a dynamic site, but most developers are aware of the worst of the issues. You certainly should consult with an SEO if you’re changing content management systems, or if you’re having problems getting your dynamic URLs spidered and indexed. But there’s no reason to have only static pages on your site because you’re worried about the search engines being able to index dynamic pages.

* The site needs to be browser-compatible and screen-resolution-compatible.

This is another thing that’s nice to do for your site visitors, but it has no bearing on search engine rankings or relevance.

Phew! I hope this helped clear up a lot of misconceptions that anyone else may have had. Please don’t get me wrong — I do agree that most of the things listed here are great design tips that can help you to create an awesome, user-friendly website. I just want to make it very clear that they have nothing to do with SEO, rankings, spidering, indexing, etc.

Ways to Maximixe the Potential of your Wii 4.1.0.

Posted by admin on Sep 25, 2009 in benefit, hardware, running, software, tip, using

Do you want the ability to copy your Wii games and play them om your Wii console?

Do you want to start playing Wii homebrew apps and experience the benefits of it?

How about playing dvd’s and running other software on your Wii?

By homebrewing your wii you can enjoy copied games from all over the world, play DVD’s and be able to play all the old nes games out there which are free by the way. There are two ways of going about this.

The hard way is by installing a mod chip inside the console. But this can be very dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. When installing a chip you have to open the console and mess around with the electronics and install the chip. And by doing this you void the warranty of your system. So if you’re not an expert you have a real risk of ruining it. This can be a very expensive risk by going this route.

But there is a new way of going about this without the hassle of run a mod chip. And this involves a software upgrade which does the thing as the chip. Instead of the chip by passing the safeguards in the system to play homebrew applications you have a software upgrade that does the same thing without the chance of voiding your warranty. This new way is going in popularity all over the internet. This way is the safest way by far. Why take the risk of ruining your console?

Whichever route you choose you will be able to enjoy all the benefits wii homebrew apps can offer. Since I started using home brew applications my Wii is like a whole new powerful machine.

With Wii Secrets Exposed, you can do this. This new product will show you how to run the Wii Homebrew application by safely freeing your Wii. This program uses a fool-proof method, so it can’t go wrong. If you installed Wii homebrew, you can play every backed-up, imported and region coded game. Along with dvd’s, you can also play games that were originally designed for other platforms, such as N64, SNES and Sega Genesis, by using the homebrew emulator feature. And the best part of this, is that it’s 100% legal.

This method does not call for any mod-chips of other hardware modifications, because it only uses software.

The software includes the following features:

* Install the Homebrew application easily without opening your console.

* Easily make multiple copies of your own Wii games and play them.

* Play any DVD`s and MP3`s simply with the advanced DVD player.

* Get unlimited lifetime upgrades for free with the best features.

* Play games from the N64, Sega Genesis (Megadrive), SNES + more!

* Works on version 4.0 and lower with NO Zelda game!

* Play import games from different regions with ease.

Get more out of your Wii console by running Wii homebrew applications. Once installed, it will let you install other applications, simple and safely, and you even keep your warranty.

If you want to homebrew your wii safely and instantly , then follow the easy instructions that we provide, and that’s all! Within a few minutes, you will be running the Homebrew application on your unlocked Wii.

To Homebrew your Nintendo Wii , check out the wii softmod software.

The marketing strategies with bulk SMS and Bluetooth hotspot

Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2009 in marketing, point, technology, tip

With the advent of latest technologies there came various new methods of marketing strategies. And mobile marketing is one of such recent addition to the marketing strategies. The SMS and the Bluetooth marketing strategies are the most advanced methods of marketing strategies. Both of them have their own special features. Let us now first have a discussion on SMS marketing. One of the latest advent in the world of marketing strategy is SMS marketing, which means that the company uses SMS technology in stead of email or telephonic conversation. However, SMS marketing is far better than email or telephonic conversation. Not only that it takes lesser time to communicate with several people, but also it is one of the cheapest methods. However, SMS marketing has other facilities also.It is to be noticed that SMS service is considered as spam free communication tool. Therefore it is more certain that your message is sure to reach the intended customer unlike email marketing which is often found to be landing is the person?s junk mailbox. It is also better than telephonic conversation as there is lesser chance of disturbing the customer, which is often caused by unwelcome phone calls. It is better also because of the fact that the sales person need not spend a lot of time in making the customer understand the thing he intends to say. Another important thing about SMS marketing is that because of the very little space (160 words to the most) there is no chance of juggling with words and therefore you can come straight to the point about what you intend to convey in your message. It is also useful for the customer because the SMS is saved in his mobile and therefore he gets the chance of reading it several times for better understanding if he finds it interesting. The store and forward method used for SMS services is also an important factor because if the customer is not within the range the message is stored in the SMSC, even for days if necessary, and is delivered to the customer?s mobile when he comes within the range or switches on his mobile. Again with the help of bulk SMS facility the company is given the chance to send the same message to multiple customers. In this case all you need to do is to type the message only once and select several mobile numbers in which you would like to send the message, and your message would be delivered to those numbers at the same time. Thus it can easily be seen how advantageous the SMS marketing is both for the company as well as the customers.Another important tool for mobile marketing is the Bluetooth marketing in which various information in the form of text, or video photos, coupons, calendar alarms, text, web links and more can be send to the customer?s mobile directly. But in this case it is important for the customer to be within the range of the transmitter and also it needs the customer?s permission. But along with that a lot more things and information can be send to the customer?s mobile if the transmitter gets the customer?s permission.

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