Health Auto Insurance in Las Vegas

Health Auto Insurance in Las Vegas

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Joe Haas
Insurance Agent
Direct Line: (702) 363-6900

Paul Haas
Insurance Agent
Direct Line: (702) 363-6900

Rebecca Pascal
Insurance Agent
Direct Line: (702) 363-6900

Zach Miller
Insurance Agent
Direct Line: (702) 363-6900

Health of Farmers Insurance

Automobile Insurance can be costly! – In Las Vegas car insurance can be sky-high, so please check around to see how very competitive our rates can be for you. We are able to insure many people in many situations that most of our competitiors cannot. Even if others have been unable to help you, be sure to ask us! We are always available to assist our clients in many ways that our competitors cannot. Whether you have unusual vehicles, or exotic cars, or Recreational Vehicles, or watercraft, or anything out of the ordinary, you will find that we can help you and provide you with multiple discounts for insuring everything with us. You will be surprised at how competitive our rates can be with multiple discounts!

Driving Record Problems? – Not only can Joe assist you and your family with lower rates than you will get elsewhere, you will also find ways to save by listening to Joe”s advice. If you are relocating, this is especially important since you will want to know how to keep any points from carrying over from the state you”re moving from! Call Joe, and explain the situation. He will be happy to assist you! If you ever receive a citation for a moving violation here in Nevada, call Joe immediately! Joe is very experienced in what options are open to you with respect to dealing with traffic tickets in Las Vegas and Henderson, and he can often enlighten you to procedures that can have tickets dismissed, or reduced to non-moving violations with no points, no traffic school, no court appearances, and no insurance premium increases! You will be glad you did!

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