Inside Outside Fitness offers personal training

Inside Outside Fitness offers personal training services to individuals, pairs of friends or small groups. All of our trainers are well-qualified & experienced. They can develop safe & effective exercise routines to help you meet your personal fitness goals. A single session with a personal trainer can jump-start or enhance your fitness routine. Ongoing training sessions can keep you motivated and enhance your progress!

Below is a list of our trainers and their qualifications & specialities.

Shane Barnard
Andrea Cohen email – (510) 507-6681

Andrea is a personal trainer and instructor at IOF. As a trainer, she specializes in athletic & fitness conditioning, body sculpting and post-rehab conditioning. Andrea teaches a variety of classes at IOF, including spinning, sculpting and circuit training. She holds a B.A. in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University and is a Certified Personal Trainer from Hayward State University”s Health and Fitness Institute. She has also taught and trained at the Courthouse Athletic Club, the Bellevue Club, Harbor Bay in Alameda, the Oakland Hills Tennis Club and the Berkeley Tennis Club.

Kirby Coleman

BZ Churchmanemail – (510) 406-0677

BZ is a personal trainer and instructor at IOF. She has extensive training and experience in dance, pilates and running. BZ’s dance training began with ballet at the age of four and continued with modern dance through high school and at Bennington College. She was the Dance Director of a Gymnastics School for four years. A natural athlete, she spent six years competing in Triathlons throughout the country and over 30 years (and counting) competing as a runner. She has most recently been teaching a blend of Pilates, Yoga and Dance for 3 years and is SCW Certified in Mat Pilates. As a personal trainer, she communicates well, and taps into all her areas of expertise to motivate her clients, and give them a stronger sense of body awareness as they become more fit.

Mark Duvalemail – (510) 654-4977

Mark is a personal trainer & a very versatile instructor of step, spinning & circuit classes at IOF. He has had a successful personal training business specializing in weight loss, exercise support & rehabilitative exercise programs since 1984. He attended UC Davis and earned a degree in education. He is a California State University CERTIFIED GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR with knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology & psychology, and received special recognition when earning his American Council on Exercise”s PERSONAL TRAINER Certification. Mark may be reached at 510-654-4977 with any questions. You may also visit his website,, for more background information.

Ilene Grossman email – (510) 290-5699

Ilene didn”t begin a career in fitness until the age of 47, but has been active all her life. She admits that she still owns a set of Jane Fonda workout tapes! Ilene is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Mat Level 1 Pilates instructor. She has also earned continuing education credits in the area of exercise programs for the prevention of osteoporosis. She believes that our bodies & minds are all very different & deserve to be treated with personal attention & respect. Ilene develops individualized fitness programs for each of her clients, based on their personal fitness level, needs & goals. She incorporates aspects of cardiovascular activity, core work, strength training, flexibility & balance into every program. Her philosophy – any fitness level is a great place to start!

Patrick Horn
Sharon Smiley
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