Living the Healthy Way » rubbing eyes

Living the Healthy Way » rubbing eyes

Healthy eating and fitness is the way to go.Sun, 07 Nov 2010 07:06:31 +0000enhourly1 to Care for Your Eye’s After Having a Laser Eye Surgery, 07 Jun 2010 07:52:58 +0000Admin guest post by David. If you are looking to contributing to Living the Healthy way, you may contact me at: write for us

Somebody who is contemplating a Lasik operation to correct their vision has two key responsibilities: deciding on one of the best surgeon possible for their budget, and recognizing and continuing eye care after the Lasik procedure is conducted. Nearly all laser eye surgery procedures are very successful, in reality, more than 90% of those who have gone through LASIK are pleased with the effect and have no long term adverse reactions. The success of LASIK could be related to a good post operative care following the surgical procedure.

If you want the right care after the laser eye treatment, you should understand and adhere to exactly what the physician told you to do. The possible Lasik patient must be presented a good understanding of the entire process when he first goes to a Lasik facility to meet with the physician and the staff. On the day of the operation, a member of the staff should very carefully review exactly what ways should be done to stimulate optimal eye health and healing after the Lasik operation.

It is important that the patient is informed about the potential side effects and how long these would last as well as the indicators that should be reported immediately to the doctor or the staff. Quite a few signs or symptoms, like fluctuating eyesight or halos around lights, are to be anticipated and shouldn’t be a cause of concern. In case you have any doubts about any symptoms, ask the staff so that you are sure that you grasped them clearly.

Despite the fact that each specialist has his own recommendations, below is the common recommendations most LASIK centers highly recommend. The moment the LASIK operation is completed, you should get adequate rest or sleep. This gives a great boost to the process of recovery. Next, avoid any impact, bumping, or rubbing of the eyes for around five days bash lasik operation. A lot of Lasik centres have some kind of eye guards to use overnight to stop patients from rubbing their eyes in their sleep. Finally, prevent eye strain for some days after the Lasik method. Don’t force your eyes by reading words and signs that were blurry before. You could use sunglasses to protect yourself from light, especially if you experience any sensitivity to lights or glares. Halos around lights especially in the evening are very common but should not worry you because these are just non permanent.

Appropriate lubrication of the eyes is also extremely important after the surgery. Any Lasik physician will give eye drops to support this, and the patient should be especially cognizant of this prior to sleeping. A Lasik procedure may escalate eye dryness temporarily, and during sleep this might cause the eyelid to stick a little to the eye. When the patient awakens, opening the eyelid is equivalent to rubbing the eye. You need to tell your surgeon if you experience this; there are various other eye drops that could preclude this from occurring. Post operative experience could be more satisfying and problem-free if you comply with these easy steps.

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