Swimming-How to get fit while you get wet!

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Swimming works most of the major muscle groups. However, your upper body and arms get more of a workout than your legs.

Because the human body is 90% water, its density is very similar to the density of water. This is why you experience a feeling of weightlessness when you swim. It also makes it a good form of low-impact exercise. Thus making swimming a safe exercise for the elderly, pregnant women, people recovering from an injury, disabled people and the obese.

Swimming is also excellent for a cardiovascular workout as it elevates the heart and respiratory rate improving overall health.

Despite all of its health benefits, swimming may not be the most effective exercise for weight loss. Swimming does burn calories – normally at a rate of about 3 calories per mile per pound of bodyweight.

There are various theories as to why swimming does not normally result in significant weight loss;

Some researchers claim that, for some reason, being surrounded by cold water for a certain period of time seems to increase the appetite, causing swimmers to eat more once they get out of the water.

fast requires a high output of energy, which burns glycogen instead of fat. Prolonged exercise at a lower intensity is better for fat burning. It is believed that the body’s metabolism increases at higher body temperatures. Since the body is cooled while swimming, this could reduce the body’s metabolism and therefore the amount of calories burned. To off-set this, it is recommended that if you wish to lose weight, do other exercises outside of the water, like running, walking, or cycling, two to three times a week.

If you get bored swimming up and down lanes, or if you can´t swim at all, consider trying some pool exercises or join an aqua-aerobic class. Swimming and water exercise are good complementary exercises.

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If swimming is your favourite exercise combine it with my favourite diet and walking to lose weight.

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