There are times where insurance won’t

There are times where insurance won’t cover your surgical procedure and self-pay is just not an option. In times like these, if indeed you, your primary physician and your bariatric surgeon have determined that bariatric surgery is the best option for you, financing may be a solution.

It would also be prudent to speak to your accountant or tax preparer to see if one option is better than another from a financial planning perspective. We also want to stress that most of the time, financing options come with interest charges that may be relatively low or very high depending on the criteria used to evaluate your creditworthiness and type of loan. Please use financial caution and common sense to determine if financing is right for you.

Some of the most common financing options are:

Credit Card: If you have one or more credit cards that can cover the cost of bariatric surgery, this may be a good option for you. Bear in mind that most credit cards come with a variable rate of interest and many practices and facilities may not accept them.

3rd Party Financing: In your search for financing you will come across dozens of websites and companies offering surgical financing . Again, use caution in determining which plan is best for you. Each plan will vary both in terms and conditions and interest rates and repayment terms.

There are many other financing options available – we do not endorse any financing option over another and provide this only as a guide for general information on the topic. Please exercise care when choosing how to pay for bariatric surgery.

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