What is Pharmacovigilance?

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The term pharmacovigilance is also often abbreviated to PhV or PV. This is referred to the pharmacological science that is related to the assessment, detection, prevention and understanding of the adverse effects. These adverse effects generally include the short term and long term side effects of various drugs. Generally this is the field of science that collects, monitors, researches, assesses as well as evaluates information gathered from the patients and the healthcare providers on the harmful effects of medicines, biological products, traditional medication and herbalism. This is generally done with two major objectives:

  • The first objective is recognising new information regarding hazards that are associated with medication.
  • The second objective is to prevent harm to the patients.

The phase 1 of any clinical trial contains the whole process of collecting these types of information about a particular drug. This process is essential before the medication is approved and often times the process continues even after the drug is approved. After that numerous safety studies are carried out post marketing. In several countries worldwide, the regulatory agencies have made this process mandatory.

Pharmacovigilance jobsare gaining popularity everyday as pharmacovigilance gains importance among the scientists and doctors. The reasons behind this growing importance are the increasing numbers of stories present in the media regarding drug recalls.

What risks are involved in medical treatment?

There are a few risks involved in medical treatment. It is true that medical science has done major improvement over the years. The treatment and disease control have become a lot better. However, a lot of medicine are harmful to the human body and cause grave side effects. Most drugs are designed to be targeted towards the mechanism and cause of the disease, but a good number of these drugs have adverse effects on various other parts of the body.

As you can reckon from the above that the field of pharmacology is very important one and a lot of people desire to grab a job and make a career in that field. If you are one of them and are intrigued by this, the Pharma recruitment companiescan help you in your quest of being a Pharmacovigilance professional.

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